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жанры:  Кастинг  Гонзо  Young  От первого лица  Pussy Licking  Оральный секс  Сперма на лицо  Минет  Cumshots
в ролях:  Anastasia Knight  Robby Echo

From the vault, here is Anastasia's premiere scene with our crew at First Time Auditions! This Tennessee talent has a look that just oozes raunchy teenage sex appeal. She knows exactly what her look is, how to use it, and confidently struts in to stare down both our male talent and camera crew. And she's not only eager, but dirty too. Her first confession involves a corn cob and an upside-down blowjob! The only thing Anastasia doesn't reveal is her new career path to her partner, who keeps blowing up Anastasia's phone. I guess these type of girls don't mind leaving their boyfriend in the dark? With this type of lithe body and seductive confidence, who can blame her… As Robby teases and fucks this tiny blonde spinner, Anastasia has no qualms with letting her oblivious boyfriend listen in on the beginning of this impromptu cuckhold session!



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