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жанры:  Секс  Оральный секс  сперма внутрь  IR
в ролях:  Alexa Grace

Расставшись с бойфрендом, симпатичная блондинко решила утешиться, пригласив в гости двух членастых папуасов... описание After stunning blonde Alexa’s hot experience with Jason previously, she has now broken up with her boyfriend. On her first weekend as a single girl, she contacts Jason again with the hope of some repeat action, and of course he is willing to oblige. When she arrives at his friends house, Jason and his friend are both there enjoying some drinks by the pool and before long, the temperature is rising. Wearing her sexiest bikini, these two can’t resist her. Things move so fast, and before she knows it, she is in the house and enjoying not one hot black guy but two. She could not have imagined how this chance meeting was going to pan out.



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